0800–97899 | Crisis Helpline

Mon – Thu 9am – 3pm, all other times including weekends and holidays 3pm – 9pm. Not on Fridays.

0800–97895 | Legal Helpline

Lawyer emergency service Mon – Thu 11am – 4 pm. Not on Fridays or weekends.

Free Crisis Helpline


Mon–Thu | 9am – 3pm
Fridays | Closed
Sat–Sun | 3pm – 9pm

Guidance and advice concerning sexual violence.

Information on various forms of available help.

Free Legal Helpline


Mon–Thu | 1pm – 4pm

Information and advice from lawyers on legal aspects of sexual crime.

You may talk with one of our lawyers already before reporting a crime to the police, even if You choose not to report it. Individual appointments and legal counsel available.

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