0800–97899 | Crisis Helpline

Mon – Thu 9am – 3pm, all other times including weekends and holidays 3pm – 9pm. Not on Fridays.

0800–97895 | Legal Helpline

Lawyer emergency service Mon – Thu 11am – 4 pm. Not on Fridays or weekends.

Have You Been Sexually Assaulted Or Abused?

Tukinainen is a national victim support centre that provides support and guidance for people who have been sexually assaulted or abused. It provides guidance for their families, co-operation, consultation and training for professionals, authorities, organisations and educational institutions in a variety of fields.

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A victim of rape?

Don't be left alone, get help and support for your situation from the Rape Crisis Centre's emergency services.


Tukinainen Ry

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Free Crisis Helpline


Mon–Thu | 9am – 3pm
Fridays | Closed
Sat–Sun | 3pm – 9pm

Guidance and advice concerning sexual violence.

Information on various forms of available help.

Legal Helpline


Mon–Thu | 1pm – 4pm

Information and advice from lawyers on legal aspects of sexual crime.

You may talk with one of our lawyers already before reporting a crime to the police, even if You choose not to report it. Individual appointments and legal counsel available.

Nettitukinainen.fi provides information, support and advice on matters pertaining to sexual abuse and violence.

You may register as a user of Nettitukinainen anonymously.


The goal of the Senja Sensitiveness Model is to provide information about the consequences of being subjected to domestic violence and sexual crime and to give advice to those working with crime victims in various stages of the legal process.

Sensitive treatment encourages the victim to be active, makes the work of the authorities easier, prevents secondary victimisation and protects the legal rights of the victim, particularly regarding the trial.